Experts understanding YOU

Our starting line is to focus on understanding, from a global perspective, how your business operates. Then we proceed to split the problem into levels and to define every optimal solution. All of them must be accurate in both particular level and general level.

The result will be a competitive system capable of solving problems from the root while performing effective and repeatable processes.


Sending emails, saving and sharing files, scheduling tasks or events are part of every business daily routine. They’re also good examples of why organizations require an effective solution to keep them in order. Entropy grants you access to the best suites in this area.


If in a highly automatized world your system is unable to interact with another similar system, then it is unfinished. Integration solves this and many other problems. There’s no need of duplicating information for backup anymore.

Adaptable Software

The idoneous implementation of our sophisticated tools can speed up your company’s growth, as well as improve your operations. Entropy has both the tools and the experience to successfully automatize your business processes.

Support & Monitoring

Thanks to our sophisticated monitoring tools we can detect any error in minutes. No matter neither day nor time. We can solve briefly any incident.

CRM & Marketing

Implementation and development of tools designed for CRM and marketing.


We understand your store’s importance. That’s why our purpose is to guarantee its right functioning. Our process includes our continuous and constant interaction from the first moment as well as support even after your store’s development has been completed.

ERP & Finances

Implementation and development of tools designed for keeping your finances in order.

Consultancy & Training

Before, throughout, and after your project’s creation, our professional team will be available for you. Ready to support you with any incident and risk-benefit analysis.

Our tools

Why should you choose Entropy?

  • We’re a team of professional consultants with more than 15 years of experience in several roles in this industry
  • We have a considerable set of products and services; some of them were created by us, some of them were created by third-party companies.
  • Our passion for technology leads us to create more fresh and innovative solutions without losing effectiveness.


Brilliant Ideas

What your company needs will be our north. The options that better suits your requirement will receive the time it deserves. So we do with every case.

Project Plan

First of all, we define every one of the solutions, then we design a work agenda to guarantee the project’s success.


We have enough experience and a lot of tools to achieve our goals always on time. Delivering you a fully operational product.


We commit ourselves to create sustainable projects between the specified time by any means necessary. And if something comes up, we offer you our constant support